This Is How The Elizabeth Line Will Connect London To Essex

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

This Is How The Elizabeth Line Will Connect London To Essex

Although the revelation of Crossrail’s new name was a *royal* anticlimax (TfL’s imagination was clearly running as dry as our puns), we are still pretty hyped for this one. The new Elizabeth Line, launching in December 2018 (or so they say…) will connect parts of Essex, Buckinghamshire and Reading to central London, meaning for passengers travelling east-bound from Stratford, The Only Way really Is Essex. Bah Dum Tsh.

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According to transport chiefs, journey times from central London to Heathrow will be 20 minutes faster than before, which gets a big cheer from everybody, whilst districts just outside the capital will be a mere 45 minutes away. When you think about how long it takes to drive anywhere in rush hour, that’s basically lightening speed.


Apart from the rather questionable choice of colour scheme – although we guess there are only so many colours in the rainbow – there was one massive mistake on the new map. The colour-coding of the wheelchair sign used to indicate whether stations have step-free access all the way to trains, or only to the platforms, has been reversed compared with the normal Tube map. Which in our eyes, is a royal blunder.

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