19 Things Londoners Are Just So Tired Of Hearing

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There are those phrases that are just bound to make a Londoner tick.

Whether it’s a concerned family member, visiting friend or just someone who doesn’t quite get London, these are the lines that are bound to grind our gears.

1. Wait, you pay how much for your rent?


2. But how do you afford to live?


3. Oh but you’re so lucky to live in such a big city though!


4. Do you want to go to that new pop-up in east London this Friday?

5. I have to go to that spin class next week so remind me, okay?

6. I know you’re going out tonight but how about brunch tomorrow morning? Let’s do 10ish?

7. This train is currently being held at a red signal


8. Sorry Sir/Madam, there’s no more *insert rogue plant-based milk substitute here* left for your latte


9. I know it’s not payday yet but could we go to that new bar in Central London?


10. Okay, I’ll just come for one …

11. Yes we’ll be able to seat you but the waiting time will be around an hour and a half, is that ok?

12. That’ll be £9 for your single Gin and tonic please.

13. Sorry I can’t, I’m really busy this week.


14. I’m so broke at the moment so not tonight.


15. After work? But I’m so tired.


16. Ugh why is the train so hot? How can you take this everyday before work?

17. You must love living in London, there’s always so much to do!

18. All those theatres and cinemas! What did you last see?

 19. Ooh everyone is just so trendy in London!



Photo by Eduard Militaru

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Morgan Cormack

Morgan Cormack

A born and bred East Londoner, Morgan tends to split her time strolling around food markets, being squished in London crowds due to her small stature or trying to firmly define the term "trendy". Essentially, a part time writer but a full time food lover.