There’s A Way You Can Sneak Into The British Museum When It’s Empty

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Now you can dream of your trip to the banks of the Nile during Ancient Egyptian times… whilst passing the Thames on your cramped tube to work…

Did you know that it’s possible to digitally stroll through the iconic British Museum using your phone? Well, now you do! Thanks to a partnership between the British Museum and Google, you can now discover around 5000 pieces of history in your own time, dodging the queues of selfie-taking culture vultures.

Originally used for outdoor and urban navigation, Google Maps has since come to integrate many other indoor venues, with the British Museum forming one of the largest examples. The indoor Street View footage took 15 months to film because it had to be done when the museum was closed to the public. The project was paid for by the Google Cultural Institute, a non-profit branch of Google.

Check the immersive British Museum maps here!

Featured image: Wiki Commons – M.Chohan

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