There’s A Pooch-Friendly Pop Up Cinema Coming To London!

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There’s A Pooch-Friendly Pop Up Cinema Coming To London!

This weekend, the pop up cinema company Oscar & Rupert is coming to the basement of London Fields bar, Wringer & Mangle. But this is not your average pop up cinema. In true East London fashion, this cinema is putting pooches high up on their agenda.

‘Canines, Camera, Action’ will run a screening of My Dog Tulip on the 3rd April. The film is, obviously, to do with man and man’s best friend. You can snuggle up to your four-pawed pal, knowing that he is the only creature who will love you unconditionally and give you all the attention you deserve. He never cares about how you look. And if he had fingers, you know he’d text you back.

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Alongside the screening, there’ll be a selection of dog-friendly ice cream and popcorn. Plus, so you don’t miss a moment of what we can only imagine is an extremely gripping film, the staff will be running a service to take your dog out ‘to make the tinkles’. The event starts at 2.30pm. For tickets, click here.

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