There’s A New Tube Map For Claustrophobes

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Tube Map Tunnels Claustrophobia

A new way to take the Underground without going… underground.

It’s thought up to 5% of people might suffer from severe claustrophobia – and in a city this big, that amounts to a whopping 460,000 people. And that’s before we take into account the 18 million visitors we get every year.

For this substantial portion of the population, the tube can feel like a bit of a no-go zone, what with it trundling along through little tunnels deep beneath the earth’s surface and everything. But actually, more than half of the Underground network runs above ground! So, TfL have come up with a handy new map showing exactly which parts of the tube are stress-inducingly subterranean, and which run reassuringly in the open air.

Tube map with tunnels shown: for people with claustrophobia and anxiety
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That means anyone worried about getting stuck underground can see what parts of the network they’ll feel still safe travelling on, without having to avoid the tube altogether. Nice idea, right?

Tube station
Photo: @leighcrossan

You could combine it with a recent alternative map, showing the best attraction to visit near every single tube station in London.

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