There’s A New Doughnut Shop Hitting London And It’s Come All The Way From Australia

Morgan Cormack Morgan Cormack


The Aussie bakers from Doughnut Time are venturing around the world to the bleak streets of London, just to give us a sugar rush of immense proportions.

London loves a good doughnut, so here’s some sweet news for all of us. Move over generic glaze and basic sugar-crusted dough balls, as Doughnut Time is coming to London to teach us how doughnuts should be done.

Opening in October, Doughnut Time used to be nothing more than a hole in the wall which started off its humble beginnings in Brisbane, Australia. They’ve grown to a whopping 23 locations around Oz and their plan for international takeover starts with none other than London.

Their new store on Shaftesbury Avenue will boast a range of flavours including your not-so-basic original glaze, Nutella and even salted caramel. Other weird and wonderful concoctions will be made up of a maple bacon variety, cookie dough and watermelon, would you believe.

They’ve got a rotating menu as well so chances are, even if you were to be a regular customer (see you there!) then you could try a new treat each week. There will even be low-gluten and vegan options too.

But don’t take our word for it, just look at them:

How does so much nutella fit in one doughnut?!

A jam-filled doughnut never looked so good.

Vegan chocolate and peanut butter cookie dough? Get in our bellies.

Doughnut Time is opening its doors in October and you’ll be able to find them at 96 Shaftesbury Avenue, near Leicester Square station, W1D 5EB. Stay updated with their exact opening date on their Instagram.

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