There’s A Literary Map Of London And All Our Bookworm Dreams Are Coming True

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So we’re all united in the fact that London is the best city ever, right? Well, who knew it was also the backdrop to so many great novels?

If you didn’t, we *almost* forgive you… but have you never wanted to know exactly where Ebenezer Scrooge started to hate Christmas? Or where 007 resided when he wasn’t out spying on the bad guys?

[Run For The Hills]
Well now’s the chance for our inner bookworms to break free as there’s an entire literary map of London. Solely based around some of London’s most interesting literary characters.

[Run For The Hills]
Created by Dex, a London-based artist and graphic designer and Anna, a graphic designer, who teamed up to create this wonderful map of London.

Each character has been carefully selected and is highlighted in the areas they roamed the most in their respective novels. Modern characters like Bridget Jones and old favourites such as Dorian Gray pop up throughout our big ole city but if you get lost, you can only blame your shelf!

[Run For The Hills]
With hand-drawn typography and over 250 novels included in this project, this print is definitely one for any lover of books and of course, London.

The map was first unveiled in 2012 but a new version was published earlier this year. It’s available to purchase in different designs here.

Morgan Cormack

Morgan Cormack

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