The Great Gold Hunt Is Happening In London Next Week (And You Can Join!)

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The Great Gold Hunt Is Happening In London Next Week (And You Can Join!)

On Tuesday 27th September, thousands of pounds worth of real 24k gold bars will be given away at several secret locations across the city and you will have the chance to find them. You just need to be on your social media with a keen and discerning eye, as well as an incredibly high monthly rent to motivate you. (And don’t we all have that… It’s just a shame you can’t pay your landlord in gold bars, really.)

The Great Gold Hunt will celebrate the launch of the new mobile game, Dig That Gold, the world’s first mobile game to award it’s players real 24k gold bars.


All you need to do is solve the clues left across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to discover the real life location of the 24k gold bars (who says social media doesnt impact upon reality, eh?)

The Great Gold Hunt kicks off at 7am on Tuesday 27 September, from when the hints will be posted on Dig That Golds Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Its a race against your fellow Londoners, as the first people to solve these clues and arrive at a real Gold Stop will be greeted by the Dig That Gold team and will be awarded a real gold bar (a bit more rewarding than a Pokemon Stop). Oh, and at the one of the Gold Stops, Olympic medalist Louis Smith will be handing out real 24k gold bars to the winners of The Great Gold Hun

For more information on how to get involved with the Great Gold Hunt, visit Dig That Golds website: digthatgold.com

And follow them on Twitter (@DigThatGold), Facebook and Instagram (@DigThatGoldGame)

NB: The gold bars are not the size in the image (but, hey, a Londoner can dream).

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