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A Giant LEGO Tube Map Has Arrived In Leicester Square!

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A Giant LEGO Tube Map Has Arrived In Leicester Square!

Londoners are going absolutely wild over the new LEGO store in Leicester Square, and we don’t blame them. It’s now the largest store in the world, and it’s used 1.7 million LEGO bricks to create lots of Londony things (you almost don’t need to do any actual sightseeing). Here’s a sneaky peek inside:


Hundreds of people queued for the grand opening…

…to be welcomed by the store’s mascot, Lester, in his suave waistcoat.

Don’t forget to take a selfie with Lester when you visit the newly opened #LEGOStoreLondon

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Inside the store, they really do have it all…
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From Shakespeare…

World’s largest LEGO store opens in London’s Leicester Square #williamshakespeare #lego #london?? #england

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…to a Mosaic Maker that constructs your face out of Lego. Yes, seriously!

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There’s even a life-sized tube carriage…

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So I guess we can forgive them for building the Union Jack upside down…


We’re not sure that the driver instills too much confidence in us, though.

Of course they haven’t forgotten the all important reminder to “Mind The Gap”…

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But the thing that people seem to love the most is the giant flashing map of the Underground…


…which is quite literally a work of art.

They’ve even got “Google street view”!


*Disclaimer: this is one of the only times we’ll ever recommend going to Leicester Square. Expect tourists, crowds and ridiculously expensive things. And don’t say we didn’t warn you!