There’s A Very Different Type Of Play Coming To A London Pub

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

There’s A Very Different Type Of Play Coming To A London Pub

There’s something about semi-immersive theatre that really gets us going. So just imagine how we felt when we heard that there’s a play coming to London next month where the stage isn’t just your average theatre space, it’s a pub, and you are the punters. Now there’s some audience participation we can really get behind…

‘Confessional’, Tramp’s awesomely innovative production reimagines Tennessee Williams’ little known play in “Monk’s Bar”, a run-down British seaside bar on the Essex coast, frequented by life’s flotsam and jetsam. Join the bar’s regulars over the course of one furious and fun evening, as a pair of strangers enters their world – and all hell breaks loose.

The play, Williams’ first to feature an openly gay man, will run from Wednesday 5 October to Saturday 29 October at the Southwark Playhouse, and if all that Eastenders style bar-brawlin’ hasn’t got you excited enough, Rob Ostlere (AKA Waymar Royce from Game of Thrones) heads up an impressive ensemble cast. You know, that guy that got his head cut off in Season One?  …Yeah, us neither. But we’re still gonna throw our knickers at him.


Director Jack Silver has promised that you won’t know until the very end which of your fellow drinkers/audience members has a speaking part, leaving you feeling unsafe and therefore more compelled to pay close attention… Count. Us. In.

Get your tickets by visiting the Southwark Playhouse website here.

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