The Ultimate Meat Feast: Urban Carnivore

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The Ultimate Meat Feast: Urban Carnivore

Vegetarians look away now. A full-blown, meat-headed, monster truck of a food tour of East London. Chicken wings, slow-roast pork, award-winning sausage rolls, beer, sliders, all for a special price of £65. It’s still a fairly high price point, but let’s not forget that you’ll be led, fed and watered all around East London. Plus, it’s £5 cheaper with Fever than it is elsewhere online. PLUS plus, they’ve given us a reward code for readers that haven’t used the app before, making it £60.

What’s more, it goes via hidden, kooky venues that you wouldn’t otherwise have known about. The tour starts in Mark Hix’s famous Grade 2* listed Tramshed, under the watchful gaze of Damien Hurst’s distinctive Cock and Bull installation, where a classy take on chicken wings is to be savoured for just long enough before the next stop. Stage 2 is a richly historic little picnic location, the perfect spot for sausage roll from an award-winning pastry chef. Best washed down with beer, they’ll be followed by a half pint and sliders at the third pit stop, a chic East London pub. The meat mission then continues via a street caboose (like a vintage train carriage, not some kind of animal, as I first anticipated) for ten hour slow-cooked pork, before finishing up in a cafe for something sweet. They won’t tell us what that is, but here’s betting that it might be the only part of the tour that won’t feature meat.

[Damien Hirst’s Cock and Bull]
That’s probably enough to bring on the meat sweats, just as well it’s a walking tour eh? Munching through the mounds of protein, you’ll also be fed on nuggets of historical and locational relevance, the kind of native stories that don’t always end up in the guide books. This is a great activity for those with a hunger for culture, and of course just a hunger in general. It’s also a great tour for bros, who’ve just finished in the gym and want to make protein gains (you’ll have to sit through the stories though).

That reward code is MEATSWEATS, and you can enter it in the rewards section of the app once you have downloaded here. Then, you’ll be able to protein your way around London for that special price of £60. Click on ‘I’m a big fat carnivore’ below to find out more.





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