The John Lewis Christmas Ad Has Landed…And It’s A Tear-Jerker

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

The John Lewis Christmas Ad Has Landed…And It’s A Tear-Jerker

It’s the most hotly anticipate Christmas advert of the year. And it hasn’t disappointed. The Secret London team crowded around a laptop this morning, tissues at the ready…and there wasn’t a dry eye in the office.



‘Man on the Moon’ tells a story of a little girl who spends her time staring out the window with her telescope (available to buy in stores, we might add). One day she spots an old man, who lives all alone in a little shed on the moon. Despite the girl’s best efforts, she can’t reach the man. Christmas day arrives and the festivities commence – and just when we’re starting to worry that the old man really will have no company this Christmas, a package arrives attached to helium balloons. It’s a telescope – and now the little man can look back at the girl, meaning he won’t feel so alone.


It’s an incredibly touching advert, shot beautifully to the soundtrack of Oasis’ ‘Half The World Away’, covered by Aurora, a 19-year-old Norwegian singer. And the message? As always, it’s about giving, not receiving. Always a winner.  So without further ado, get those tissues at the ready…



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