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(Price: 7 chai lattes)

Guys so this week has been pretty sweet. I got asked if I wanted to go and try this yoga class at the top of The Shard, and I was like YEAH, I’m all over that. Yoga’s so zen, and The Shard is so high (zen + high = sweet). I downloaded this app, Fever, and that got me my ticket. I love startup apps, they’re so indie. Plus their spiritual home in London is Shoreditch.

So after downloading that, I went along on Saturday morning. The yoga costs about £35, which is only a few macchiatos when you think about it. I kinda forgot how tall the shard was until I got there. It’s, like, so tall that the only place in London you can’t see the top of it from is right underneath it. Think about it dudes. Perspective. Speaking of which, you can see for a distance of like 40 miles from The View, The Shard’s viewing platform (and where the yoga happens). Which is kinda worth taking the specs off for.

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I got my vest and my Cambodian pants on and I was totally ready for 2 hours of yoga. TWO HOURS amigos. 120 minutes of straight vibing up in the clouds, no interruption. After that, I went over to the viewing platform to drink it all in, because that’s included with the ticket. It totally makes you think about life, being that high up. There’s so many life questions to ponder. And I managed to get some decent pics for instagram too, so that was sweet.

I still can’t quite believe how great it was. It was at 8:30am on a Saturday which is a bit left-field, because usually if I’m up at that time it’s to go to the cereal cafe. But, it was so worth it, 2 hours of zen up in the gods. Rad.

You can totally save £5 if you download Fever here and enter the code HIPSTERLOVE in the rewards section, cos I’m nice like that.

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