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I review stuff, but I do it in like, such a cool way. It’s like a hipstery view, or a hipster review, or whatever. Usually, I’ll take my laptop to this cafe where I can get a fair trade Kenyan coffee and some vegan snacks and then I’ll write some stuff up from there, but you might catch me anywhere. I’m like an agent in The Matrix, I pop up in random places and sometimes other people just morph into me for no reason. Not that I like The Matrix, it’s kinda mainstream.

So today I’m totally reviewing the London Underground. Again, it’s pretty mainstream, but it’s just so colourful. Like, there’s a colour for every line. My favourites are orange, maroon, red and black, because they’ll get you to Shoreditch. And Old Street is kinda my jam, I just love anything old/vintage/musty. If I had my own tube station, I’d totally call it ‘Vintage Street’ or ‘Retro Road’ or something. And inside, there’d be a jumble sale where you can pick up old stuff for really cheap, like old beanies and corduroy trousers and stuff.

But here’s my issue when it comes to The Underground. Is it cool enough? And is it overground enough? You know what I mean? Because, to be a real hipster, you’ve kinda gotta hang around in public and plain sight. Not in the darkness. Although basement vibes are pretty cool IMO. And I guess there’s loads of people to see you on The Underground too, which is pretty good for the beard and the hat and the tats. So maybe The Underground is kinda cool after all. Plus I can take my bike with me, even when it’s really busy, so that’s pretty sweet.

So yeah guys, that’s pretty much it. I’ve got loads of graphic design that I need to go and do. Next week, you should totally tune in for another article. I have no idea what it is yet but I’ll just kinda go where the wind takes me.



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