This Magical Cocktail Bar Makes Utterly Spellbinding Drinks

Didn’t get your Hogwarts letter? Hop on your broomstick and head to The Cauldron for a magical cocktail class.

Who amongst us hasn’t wished there was a little more magic in the world? The folks up at The Cauldron certainly have, which is why they decided to do something to help. They’ve set up a fantastic little pub in Dalston, where your drinks will appear out of thin air. There’s no other way to describe it: it’s pure magic.

The Cauldron

I mean, The Cauldron have chosen to call it “science & technology”, but we all know that it’s magic. Upon arrival, you’ll be immediately kitted out with a robe and a wand, which will quickly become your best friend. You know, as soon as you’ve stopped taking selfies and generally fangirling. Your first chance to cast a spell quickly follows; upon tapping your magic wand on the tree at the bar, your pint glass will fill with delicious craft beer. WITCHCRAFT!

The Cauldron

From there, things get even boozier with just a swish and a flick. The Cauldron invites you to try your hand at mixing potions, and yes, they are whipped up in a cauldron. Using a set of ingredients sourced from ancient magick textbooks, you’ll chop, grind, and mix up concoctions such as the Transfiguration Tonic, which you will then proceed to drink. Practical magic, indeed.

Photo: @thecauldronpub

The Cauldron’s creations are far from your standard cocktails. In the process of creation, your potions will bubble, spout smoke, and even change colour. Those are just the ones you’re allowed to make yourselves; the bartenders can whip you up a creation that spits flames when a magic powder is sprinkled on top. Unfortunately, this is forbidden for us basic witches, although it’s probably better for everyone’s health and safety.

Photo: @lauren_x98

Classes at The Cauldron have already begun, but those lovely folks at Fever have got their hands on some tickets just for you. Just remember kids, don’t drink and fly! Let this be a warning to you all:

Location: 5d Stoke Newington Road, Stoke Newington, N16 8BH. Nearest station is Dalston Kingsland. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: A tad confusing. The Cauldron isn’t open Mondays or Tuesdays. They run four sessions on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, between 5:30pm and 8pm. Fridays and Saturdays have six sessions, between 5:30pm and 10pm.
Price: £28 when bought via Fever, which includes a pint of beer and your two cocktails.
More information: from their website.

Featured image: The Cauldron

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