The A to Z Of Every Dumb Question You’ve Inevitably Heard Since Living In London

We’ve asked them and we’ve been asked them. No judgment here, just plenty of eye rolls and the occasional sigh.


A: “Are there any good places to go out here that are like, cheap?”

B: “Breakfast at the Breakfast Club? On Saturday?”

C: “Can you help me find the M&M store?”

D: “Do you think the Queen’s at home?”

E: “Ever actually been on the London Eye?

F: “Forget the Hawksmoor, have you ever been to the Angus Steak House?”

G: “Go on tell us, have you ever seen a celeb on the Tube?”

H: “How do you pronounce ‘Leicester Square’?”

I: “Is it true they sell children in Harrods?”

J: “Jazz, I love Jazz! Have you heard of Ronnie Scotts?”

K: “Knightsbridge…is that full of reasonably priced properties?”

L: “Left is best right? So that means stand on the left, right?”

M: “Mate have you ever been to Raffles? So jokes.”



N: “Notting Hill…does Hugh Grant actually live there?”

O: “OMG was that insert rah name here from Made In Chelsea?!?”

P: “People think Clapham is on the rise, but have you ever been to Dalston?”

Q: “Quintessesntially British, isn’t it? Scones and tea?”

R: “Rather cold, isn’t it?”

S: “Sooooooo how much do you make?”

T: “To where?!?!” hops into Über alone

U: “Um, how do we get to The Lion King?”

Must I show you? [Giphy]
V: “Very expensive these tubes, wouldn’t you say so?”

W: “What actually is a man bun?”

X: “Xanax? Why ever would I need to take that here?”


Z: “Zen, that’s what we’re all looking for isn’t it?” slides into downward dog

Featured Image Credit: Archie Baker Instagram @bakerphotos1

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