That’s The Spirit! London’s Largest Gin Bar Opens Next Week


Holborn Dining Room is set to open London’s biggest gin bar on Monday, which will stock the widest selection of gin London has ever seen…with over 400 varieties available! Gins will range from the most well- known brands to small batch distillers, with prices ranging from £9 (for Rathbone London Dry), to £52 for the rare 1950s Taplows London Dry Gin. And you’ll never believe what it’s called…HOW DID YOU KNOW? Yep, The Gin Bar has officially arrived!

Keeping in with true British spirit, over 100 of the gins will be distilled in the UK, including the Northumberland Gin Company’s Steam Punk Gin, which is based on a classic gin recipe from 1892 (!!) and incorporating a blend of seven botanicals. If that’s not enough, there will also be 27 different tonic waters available, including a signature tonic made in-house from a top secret recipe. Ooohhhh! So…if our calculations are correct (an unlikely story, but hey we do try) together with the gin that makes a possible 14,035 gin and tonic pairings. 14,035! Will just about cover our Saturday night, then…

Featured Image Credit: Londonist

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