TfL Is Trialling A New Bus Announcement And It’s Fair To Say Londoners Are FURIOUS

Lily Frohlich Lily Frohlich


Last week TfL introduced a new ‘Please hold on, the bus is about to move” announcement to help improve safety on their bus services.

According to the powers that be, around 3,000 people are injured on London buses every year because of falls. So this was a great idea, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, this well-meaning gesture has not exactly gone to plan…

Apparently, the automated alerts are set to go off just before the average amount of time a bus waits at a stop. Unsurprisingly, buses sometimes leave earlier than average, and other times, later than average. So basically, announcements are being played on London’s buses at seemingly random intervals throughout the journey.

And it’s fair to say that a great deal of Londoners are rather miffed about it.

Sorry, did we say miffed? We meant absolutely bloody furious.

Most people felt they were stating the obvious…

Or that they were essentially pointless…

Others took to the internet to relentlessly mock TFL:

Buses are basically a form of natural selection, right?

A moment of silence for the real heroes here…

This musically-minded individual is just trying to think of the positives…

While others predict revolution…

This is possibly the worst thing that’s ever happened.

Please make it stop.

TfL, sort it out.

Featured Image: Phil Beard

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