TFL Spent HOW Much Advertising The Night Tube That Doesn’t Exist?

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TFL Spent HOW Much Advertising The Night Tube That Doesn’t Exist?

They’ve only gone and done it again, haven’t they? The silly billy’s. It has been revealed that TFL has spent a whopping £600,000 advertising the night tube…that we all very well know does not exist. “Why so calm?” you may ask. Well, after months of empty promises and broken dreams of no more Cinderella-style rushing for the last tube/night buses/outrageous surge-pricing, we’ve already expended so much anger and frustration towards this topic that we really don’t have much left. Hmmmm, that is until we think about how much money we spend on travel…and wonder where that money is going…coming to the realisation that it is going on adverts for something that DOES NOT EXIST. ??

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The 24-hour weekend service was supposed to start on September 12th last year, but since has encountered some, er how shall we put this…complications? Disputes between the London Underground and the tube unions have resulted in strikes, and the launch being delayed until…further notice?

Ohhhh but that still hasn’t stopped them splashing out on some fancy advertising, costing over half a million pounds. Oh noooo it certainly has not. Bless them – probably needed to cheer themselves up after all of this upset. Poor things. ?

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