This TfL Map Will Help You Get Around London During The Tube Strike

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This TfL Map Will Help You Get Around London During The Tube Strike

So, as you may well be aware, the tube strike is basically going to f*ck with your entire week next week. Starting Sunday evening at 6pm and ending 11am Wednesday morning, TfL are, yet again, making it impossible for us to get to work. We were kinda hoping that the strike wouldn’t go ahead, but it looks like the clan of over 3,000 RMT staff are sticking to their guns.

This time, TfL have released a slightly less colourful version of the tube map, indicating which lines will be closed and where. The greyed out lines signify that there will either be no service, a little bit of service (whatever that means), or severe delays in those areas. TfL have suggested that we try and get as close to work as possible and then take a nice ole’ walk. Oh cool, that’s fine then. Cheers!

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Nothing is set in stone just yet, and things are likely to change at the last minute (i.e. which stations are shut, what services will run). Make sure you plan your journey, allow (a lot of) extra time and keep checking TfL’s live updates.


Feature Image: TfL

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