TfL Have Just Announced A New Rule That Will Change Everything

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TfL Have Just Announced A New Rule That Will Change Everything

April Fools! Gotcha 🙂

Yesterday evening, Transport for London made a shock announcement that will change the way you take the Tube forever. From 1st July 2017, a new rule is being put in place in order to increase efficiency on London escalators. Following the annual April Lift and Escalator Transport Convention in Kensington Olympia, TfL have designed a new scheme to improve the inevitable rush hour stalemates on their heavy-duty machines.

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Between the hours of 07:30 and 09:30 and 17:00 and 19:00 the left hand side of all London escalators will be solely for running. In a bid to curb the obesity crisis, as well as reduce tardiness, the government health minister, Jeremy Hunt, has joined forces with TfL to create a plan for a real-life case of survival of the fittest. Only those who have the ability to run up stairs will be able to take the left hand side of the escalator. The right hand side shall remain the traditional ‘standing’ point for the public. A hurried walk will no longer suffice and a gentle canter shall not be entertained. ‘Escalator Marshalls’ will traverse London’s 423 escalators during these hours to ensure that things are running smoothing. ‘Escalator Marshalls’ will have the ability to blow a whistle in order to signal to Londoners if they are not keeping to the required pace. Questions have been raised as to how well Londoners will respond to a whistle.

TfL have stated that hundreds of ex-PE teachers will be called in to help with the scheme. They are also considering a unique uniform designed by top fitness brand Sports Direct, which will likely be colour coordinated to match the Tube lines that the escalators lead to. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has announced his support of the scheme, which could potentially lead to a boost in London’s unemployment figures as well as an improvement in fitness levels. Sadiq has called for the help of Boris Johnson in demonstrating the correct technique for proper escalator running. Boris is yet to confirm.

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