Tesco Has Stopped Selling Marmite And Britain Is Panicking

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

Tesco Has Stopped Selling Marmite And Britain Is Panicking

Fucking #Brexit is back to bite us in the arse again. And who is it hurting this time? The Marmite lovers. If you haven’t already heard or noticed that half of the country is panic-buying all the yeast extract they can get their hands on, we’re sad to break the news to you that Tesco’s and Unilever (the company who owns the Marmite brand) have had a bit of a bust up. In short, Unilever said that Brexit has taken, we quote (paraphrase/pretend), ‘bare pence’ away from them, so ‘soz Tesco, you have to pay up’. This bitch slap left a bitter, salty, yeasty taste in Tesco’s mouth, so in retaliation, Tesco hid all of the Marmite, Ben & Jerry’s, Pot Noodle and other Unilever products from their shelves. We actually think the staff have gone on a massive boozer, which resulted in some serious munchies and the need to create a big story to cover up their food regrets. But even so, the British are freaking out. And Twitter is, once again, a hilarious place to be.


At least someone’s happy… (Although FYI Bovril is supplied by Unilever too)


You can forget Leave VS. Remain camps. This has become a battle of Lovers vs. Haters


And the #Haters are overjoyed


The lovers have gone into panic mode.


And Cameron is wallowing in further regret


With #Marmitegate, other serious issues have been brought to the ‘table’.


And Britain need to have a serious think about where we’ll be importing our goods from in the future.


#Marmitegate. #2016. #TheWorldIsMad. Out.

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