Sweet Sausage Roll! Greggs Are Going To Trial A Delivery Service In London

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Sweet Sausage Roll! Greggs Are Going To Trial A Delivery Service In London

Bringing home the Bacon (Breakfast Roll)… Greggs launches a trial delivery system in London.

They’ve released frozen sausage rolls in Iceland, pasty-flavoured lip balms in store, a range of Gift Cards, their very own app and currently provide 4.46 Greggs bakeries per square mile in London. So what’s next for Greggs?

With the likes of Burger King and Pret already offering delivery services, it seems only natural that London’s favourite bakery (sorry, Gail’s) should start to post its pastries.

This latest London trial of Greggs Delivered comes from the recent success of a Newcastle equivalent and should soon be available to all Londoners.

However, the trial is currently limited to a 0.4-mile radius from Greggs Cheapside and Greggs Eastcheap, with delivery only available between 10.00am and 12.000pm and with a minimum spend of £20. Kind of defeats the purpose of the £2 Breakfast Deal…

The lucky few offices that reside in this pizza-slice-paradise can order online via the Greggs website and sit in wait for their warm Steak Bake without stepping out into a potentially snow-filled and treacherous city.

Raymond Reynolds, retail director at Greggs, said: “Convenience is key in the food-on-the-go market, and we’re extremely excited to offer delivery of a selection of our great tasting freshly prepared food directly to our customers, by trialling a free delivery service in two of our London shops.”

The dream of a freshly delivered breakfast bap in bed remains but a fantasy, but one that can now be spotted in the slightly nearer future.

(Featured Image: Greggs via Facebook)

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