Surviving A London Winter, As Told By GIFs

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Surviving A London Winter, As Told By GIFs

All you need to negotiate a London winter is a smile and a truckload of GIFs.

Between the cold, the crowds, and the constant, crushing, oppressive darkness, a London winter can be a harrowing experience. Here at Secret London, we care about your winter wellbeing, so we’ve put together a little guide to surviving winter in the capital, using only the magic of GIFs. Because sometimes, hard-hitting journalism can be accomplished with more than just words! Anyway, enjoy the GIF-y goodness, and we’ll sit here and wait for our Pulitzer prize to show up.

1. There will be tourists, and you’ll need to escape them…

2. …without any, ahem, incidents.

3. Wrap up warm when you’re out and about…

4. But for goodness’ sake, make sure you can take it off on the tube!

5. Or things will quickly start to unravel…

6. Accept that you’ll be spending most of your life in the dark from now on.

7. And find a way to deal with that.

Yep, that’ll do it!


8. How about a night on the town?

9. Just grab some friends and find a bar, it’s easy!

10. Or pray they cancel so you can stay inside.

11. I mean, how much do you really need to see people?

12. You could hibernate the winter away!

Smart cookie…


13. No, no, you’ve got to stay active – and winter sports are great!

14. You’ve just got to persevere, even if it’s hard to believe in yourself sometimes.

15. Because somehow, your flat’s going to be colder than the outside world…

16. And you really don’t want to get ill.

17. Not with Christmas around the corner!

18. Speaking of which, if you’re heading home for Christmas, plan your escape carefully.

19. Because everyone will try to leave at once.

20. Hmm, maybe just stay in London, because it doesn’t shut down on Christmas Day…right? Right?!

21. When it comes to the chance of snow, you’re either this person:

22. Or this one:

23. Prepare yourself to head out this New Year’s Eve.

24. Or don’t, because it will probably suck anyway.

25. Perhaps it’s better to stay inside?

26. Whatever you do, don’t think about summer too much.



27. That’s only going to make things worse.

28. Embrace the icy wonderland that is winter!


30. We’re only kidding! Look around, and London can actually be pretty great in the winter!

London winter
Secret London accepts no liability if London does not in fact look like this. Photo: @exploreneducate

31. See?

London winter
Photo: @barryscowenphoto


Featured image: Mike_fleming

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