Supermarkets Confirm They Will No Longer Stock Camembert Due To Brexit

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Supermarkets Confirm They Will No Longer Stock Camembert Due To Brexit

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Last Wednesday, 29th March, Londoners faced the definitive news that the Brexit process had officially been put into action. Today, the first of what is likely to be a series of distressing outcomes has been announced. Major supermarket chains will be scaling back and eventually discontinuing their sales of Camembert.

Due to rising transport costs and uncertainty in the on-going trade negotiations between Theresa May and Michel Barnier, French cheese producers such as Président and Le Rustique are at a stand off with British supermarket chains. The likes of Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda and even Waitrose(!) are currently in talks to embargo the French producers who are insisting on steep price increases. It is likely that by the end of April 2017, the British public will be saying au revoir to one of the best loved cheeses in London. Boursin will not be affected.

British cheese brand, Cathedral City, have responded to the news by stating they have plans to create a new British version of the French-produced cheese. In their press release this morning, they describe a more ‘mature’ tasting cow’s milk cheese that will be available in their iconic ‘easy open’ packaging. This new cheese is currently being referred to as ‘Camembetty’ by Dairy Crest, the manufacturers of Cathedral City cheese, in order to give it a more British feel. Moreover, they claim that the name is more animal friendly than ‘Camembert’ since, according to Dairy Crest, ‘all cows are called Betty’. Camembetty will join the likes of Double Gloucester, Mature Cheddar and Red Leicester in the Cathedral City range.

Donald Trump took to Twitter soon after the shock announcement this morning, offering to ship Kraft Singles to the UK at low costs. Theresa May is yet to respond.

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