16 Painfully Real Struggles Of Living Just Outside Of London

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16 Painfully Real Struggles Of Living Just Outside Of London

The boundaries of London are vague to say the least. Where does ‘Greater London’ start? Is it anything within the M25? Anything within the ‘Borough’ of London? Or just anything within Zones 1 & 2? When you live on the cusp of the capital, life can be tough…


1. No one quite understands where you live.

Hell, you don’t even quite understand where you live…

2. “You know Luton? Yeah well not Luton but near there…”


3. Your friends act like they’ve never heard of the countryside before.
4. The pain of living just outside the Oyster zone…

…but having an Oyster card anyway.

5. Giving up saying ‘North of North London’ and just saying ‘North London.’

Nobody cares anyway.

6. But then getting caught out in your lie…

‘Oh where in North London?’

‘errr, St Albans’

‘St Albans isn’t in London’ *raucous laughter and finger pointing ensues*

7. That extra £10 you have to spend on your zones 1-6 travel card to actually ensure you get to zones 1-6.

Making your weekly travel budget more than you’re food budget.

8. When Londoners complain about their commute…

You just jumped on a tube, I woke up two hours earlier and had to take a sardine packed train 40 minutes into St Pancras before I even reached a tube line.

9. Having to endure London prices without any of the fun of actually living in London.

‘£8 for that pint and we close at 7pm by the way!’

10. Telling your friends you live in London to avoid explanation then having to deal with their anger when they turn up at your house after a two and a half hour journey involving an overground, two undergrounds, a further overground, a replacement bus service and a twenty minute walk.

Sorry 🙁

11. Insisting you live in London because you can use your Oyster card to get to the city but in reality you know you have a Kent postcode.

But I have an Oyster COME ON GUYS!

12. Having to name any recognisable place no matter how far you actually live from it.

You know Wimbledon? Yeah I live in Surrey.

13. The pain of accidentally getting the slow train instead of the fast one and adding another 30 minutes to your journey.

The mocking voice on the speakers ‘Calling at Radlett, Elsetree and Boremwood, Mill Hill Broadway…’

14. Inviting your London boyfriend/girlfriend to stay at yours and they act as if you’ve invited them to Mordor.
15. ‘Real’ Londoners turning their nose up at you…

…Mocking you all the way back to Kings Cross St Pancras.

16. The struggles of wanting to live near work but not being able to afford the London house prices.

Isn’t that the real reason we’re all in Greater London to start with?


Feature Image: [findingmika.blogspot]

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