Stranger Things Are Happening At This Dark Halloween Party

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Stranger Things party

Prom night goes awry at the Even Stranger Things party.

You’ve been to multi-sensory experiences before, but have you ever attended a multi-reality experience? That’s what’s on offer at this Halloween party, perfect for fans of Stranger Things. Guests are invited to party in two realities: prom night at Hawkins High in one room, and a turbulent trip into the Upside Down in another. Read on for more details, or pick up your tickets to Even Stranger Things here.Stranger Things party

As you’d expect from a party juggling two dimensions, there’s a lot going on here. Dust off your prom dresses and buckle on those boutonnières, because you’ll need to dress to impress. The evening begins with a champagne and waffle reception (um, where was this at my prom?!), and a prom photo to capture the memories. Meanwhile, the adult ball pit will keep you thoroughly entertained, right up until things take a dark turn.Stranger Things party

With the Upside Down being right next door, things were always going to go a bit wrong at some point, weren’t they? Maybe it was the ouija board chants, maybe it was one of Dr Brenner’s experiments, but either way, you can expect dark and devilish things to come tumbling out of the room next door. The party will erupt in a whirlwind of dancing and music, soundtracked by some of London’s top DJs. Marks out of ten? We’d give it an Eleven, to be honest…

Get your tickets to Even Stranger Things here.

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