Stop What You’re Doing: Freakshakes Have Finally Landed In London

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Ever since monster milkshakes – known to social media as #Freakshakes – were born in Australia last year we’ve been hoping and praying that some clever Londoner would come up with their own version. Well pray no longer Secret London readers, the day has finally arrived. Big badass gluttonous milkshakes are being served up in London on 28 January. And we know where to find them.



Molly Bakes has just opened her first cafe in London and to celebrate the launch, she will be serving supersize shakes from 6pm until 9pm on 28 January. If you haven’t heard of her before, allow us to introduce you to some of her cakes, which until now have only been available through her online shop. (Warning: they may make you squeal like a little girl).



Already championed by us as baker of some of the best birthday cakes in London, we’re pretty chuffed that she’s now decided to open up a permanent cafe in Dalston, East London. And whilst her Freakshakes may be a little more tame than some of the absolute monstrosities created in New York, we like to think they’ve got a certain *English charm* to them…

Black Tap NYC makes Molly Bakes look practically HEALTHY

Molly Bakes is now open on 450 Kingsland Road, E8 4AE