Just 33 Of The Greatest Stick Men (And Women) In London

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Stick man graffiti - stik london

We’ve found the best locations in London for street art lovers – and stick man fans.

Street artist Stik started painting his simple, but deeply adorable stick men in 2001. Sixteen years later, his line-drawn murals can be spotted on walls all over the capital, hidden in doorways, lurking in the bushes, and sometimes looming over the skyline. They’ve even appeared in Brighton, New York, Tokyo and beyond – but here are some of the most eye-catching Stik locations in London.

Towering over South Acton:

Stik mural tall west London
Photo: takphoto

This 38-metre mural is the tallest piece of street art in the country.

Frolicking at Shoreditch City Farm:

Stik Shoreditch City Farm London
Photo: Alex Ellison

Hiding out in Dulwich:

Stik stick men street art in Dulwich
Photo: Rob Dunalewicz

Feeling a’frayed in Hackney:

Stik Street Art Hackney London
Photo: Maureen Barlin

Splashing around in south London:

Stik Dulwich blue puddle London street art
Photo: Mark Charnock

Looking shifty above Last Days of Shoreditch:

Stik Shoreditch
Photo: PDKimages

Sitting around in Dulwich:

Stik Dulwich Hansler Road
Photo: Rob Dunalewicz

To be honest we’re not sure where this one is. Sorry.

Stik three figures London
Photo: r2hox

Hanging out on Rivington Street:

Tall stick man mural keeping watch
Photo: Mark Radford

Having it out on Grimsby Street, off Brick Lane:

Stik Grimsby Street Brick Lane London
Photo: NovemberAlex

Holding hands in Spitalfields:

Stik Spitalfields London street art mural
Photo: Steve Lippitt

Getting back to nature in Dalston:

Dalston Stik stick figure mural
Photo: Mark Charnock

A family day out at the Eastern Curve Garden:

Dalston Eastern Curve Garden
Photo: draopsnai

Stealing away on Pitfield Street, Islington:

Stik stealing stik
Photo: tee cee

Taking some time out in Phoenix Gardens, near Soho:

Stik Phoenix Street Garden
Photo: auntiestatic

And finally, hugging it out in Hackney:

Street Art London - Stik Hugging
Photo: Shane Stankard

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