#SquadGoals: 5 Crazy Cool Places To Take Your Besties This Week

Lucie Turner Lucie Turner

#SquadGoals: 5 Crazy Cool Places To Take Your Besties This Week

Sometimes the Taylor Swiftiverse friendship group makes us look around miserably at our holey trackies and half eaten KitKats and wish we were in St Barts or The Artic or wherever else Taylor and her pals have swanned off to this week. Why can’t your friendship group throw baby showers with personalised pinatas or BBQs at the beach that don’t end in burnt food and soggy towels? But fear not! This list can take you and your friends from cider-in-the-parkers to dancing-after-darkers so you no longer feel the FOMO every time you glance at Instagram.


1. Bleach Bar, Soho and Cold Steel Piercing, Camden.
Fresher than you.

I’ve grouped these two together because whilst pampering is fun (we all love a good toe separator) getting your hair dyed purple/piercing your tragus is way more memorable for a group activity. At it’s best, Bleach will make you all feel your most mermaidy in prep for any carnival activities and ear-piercings are basically the safer form of matching tattoos nowadays. And at it’s worst? You’ll have a semi-permanent colour that can wash out and a removable piercing with a hilarious story to tell (because someone is always guaranteed to faint).


2. Slip n Slide, Wembley Park (ONE DAY ONLY).
Bear outfits optional. But definitely recommended.

Okay, nothing is going to be more fun than a choreographed floor routine to slide down to whilst being cheered on by hundreds of cheering spectators. Really, we’ve done the science. And honestly just picture how hilarious it will be to see your friends zooming along, soaking wet and completely out of control (come to think of it, haven’t we seen that a few times before?) The 100m slide is open for only one day though so on the 22nd of August BE THERE or risk missing out on one of the most memorable friendship moments you’ve ever experienced.

Doors open from 9am, tickets from £15.


3. Drag-E-Oke, Ridley Road in Dalston.
Make like Merchant and strut yo stuff.

Hey, you; Dalston can still be cool. Grab your best X factor wannabes, rummage through your face glitters and get on down to Ridley Road Bar for the definitive night of debauchery. Open from 7.30pm and with free entry, this is the activity born for squad nights. Nothing brings the gang closer together than a tearful rendition of I Will Survive, sequinned hotpants and a strong sense of sisterhood.

Search Drag-E-Oke on Facebook for more info about upcoming events. 


4. The Beach at Brent Cross.
Sun, Sex and…the Serpentine?

For a mere £3 entry, you and your besties could have that beach holiday you’ve been dreaming of, albeit only for few hours and with much fewer STI’s. We wrote about this place before but honestly with over 100 palm trees, Pimms on tap and fish and chips to soak up all those boozy strawberries it’s the perfect place for a chilled out friend date. And hey, it’s actually cool to visit the seaside with your mates if you can say you never left London to do so.

Open daily til 2nd of September, 12pm-10pm.


5. The Dead Dolls House, Islington.
Even bowls of lemons look better in black and white.

Every ‘classy’ night out wanted with friends involves visions of schmoozing over the furniture, slowly sipping cocktails and taking Valencia-filtered Instas whilst smugly feeling as VIP as your budget allows. And guess what?! Your budget actually allows for this! This place does require membership but it’s done in such a cool way (bring along a bottle aka ‘house warming gift’ that they use for their cocktails) that it’s definitely worth it to feel you and your gang are “in” on the scene. And with 2 for 1 cocktails Wednesday to Friday from 5-8 pm and duck-fat chips, well: nuff’ said.

Table bookings and membership forms available online.


Go forth and frolic my dears and show Tay-Tay what she’s really missing out on.


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