These Spoof Signs For London’s Night Tube Are Brilliant!

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

These Spoof Signs For London’s Night Tube Are Brilliant!

Were you one of the first to ride on the Night Tube at the weekend? If you were you might have been lucky enough to spot these hilarious spoof Night Tube Notices. Creative duo, Liv and Bryn (Twitter: @LivandBryn), went around prior to the launch of the 24 hour service and pinned up a new set of signs designed to help late night London riders maintain a level of social decency.

night tube 6
You can say that again!

The duo noticed that as there will no doubt be fewer elderly and pregnant people on the tube in the early hours of the morning, the demand for priority seats “would be coming from people who’ve passed out into their kebabs”. Even more hilariously, Liv and Bryn told SL “we only found out how successful [the signs] had been in the morning, because we both go to bed at 6:30, straight after Home and Away”.

We can only agree that these signs are spot on…

For times when the whole carriage is spinning and you need a ‘am I too drunk?’ test.

night tube 5


Thankfully, they made a place for The Lion King on the Night Tube…

night tube signs 4


But no Oasis, please.

night tube sign 3


And if the lack of mobile signal didn’t stop you, this sign is sure to do the trick…

night tube sign 2
(And they’re being politer than your unsympathetic friend)


Priority seating after midnight takes a new form entirely.

night tube sign 1


And, please, do not use and abuse the poles. You never look as good as you do in your head.


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