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Did you get the pun in the title? No? Ok, I’ll move on (but it was so good…?) Spin London is a massive cycling convention/party for all the 2 wheel enthusiasts out there, and it’s happening all this week and into the weekend. And, we’ve found out that our friends at the events app Fever are doing an amazing giveaway: 2 weekend tickets worth £30 each! (find out more…)

[BMX show]

If, like me, you don’t like cycling (who would want to use 2 wheels when you can have 4?), perhaps you might be swayed by the amazing street food on offer, live music, dating events – the list goes on. I mean, I’m personally not into the whole hurling myself into London traffic with just an egg-shell on my head for protection. I’m also not too keen on the whole techno rave spin classes/boot camps. But I know that’s just a point of opinion. There are so many cycling enthusiasts out there, and I know this event will be huge. More than half a million people cycle around London every day.

Add to that street food from incredible vendors like the BBQ Lab, craft beers from Beavertown and refreshments from Peleton coffee, and you’ve got half an event. Throw in talks and workshops in the Makers Lounge, a test track where you can ride for free, art workshops, a speed dating room, custom-made lowriders, a BMX show and live music from a range of funky DJs, and you’ve got one hell of a day out. Just that I’ll be driving there if I go, not cycling.

BBQ lab
[world-famous BBQ Lab]
[Art workshop]
 Tickets retail at £30 each, BUT, as mentioned at the top, Fever have an incredible giveaway where you and a friend could be attending for free! All you have to do is click here to enter into the draw for the £60 prize and find out if you’re a winner (as well as a spinner). It’s completely free to enter and winners will be contacted tomorrow morning at 10am. Good luck!



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