This Soho Restaurant Is Providing Photo Gear For Instagram Obsessives

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Dirty Bones is providing their customers with free Instagram kits to make sure their customers get the best lighting, angles and colours when snapping their food.

The Soho branch of Dirty Bones not only serves up some amazing looking food but is now ensuring their customers can get the best picture possible of it.

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The free photography kit comes complete with a portable charger, LED light, tripod selfie stick and a clip-on lens. Flat lays at the ready.

Colkey Sulkin, the founder of Dirty Bones said:

“The people that typically visit Dirty Bones tend to be very active on social media, and on Instagram in particular. This definitely keeps us on our toes, and ensures that we are constantly striving to create creative cocktails and dishes that are both delicious and visually appealing. We’re all about helping people capture that perfect shot.”

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With food as good looking as this, you’ll definitely want to ensure you get the best shot to show off to all your friends.

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They even have cheeseburger dumplings. That’s cheeseburger but in a dumpling wtf.

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And the best damn looking macaroni and cheese burgers you’re likely to snap.

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The Foodie Instagram Kit is available upon request at the Dirty Bones Soho branch which can be found at 14 Denman Street, near Piccadilly Circus station, W1D 7HJ.

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