Slim Down Your Life With This 7ft House In Hammersmith

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Thin London House Hammersmith

If you like things on the extremely cosy side, this narrow-yet-nice property in west London could be yours.


Set on Kilmarsh Road in Hammersmith, this startlingly skinny building was allegedly a ‘laundry house’ back in Victorian times. Now, just 7ft 1in wide at it’s girthiest, it’s potentially a home – perhaps for a submariner or motor-home enthusiast who’s grown suspicious of over-wide living spaces.


Squeezed inside are three bedrooms, and even two roof terraces, although weirdly, one terrace is accessible only from the bathroom.


The top-floor study is also set to concentrate the mind.


Altogether, the sellers of this charming / claustrophobic property are looking for a cool £775,000 from a prospective buyer. 🙃

Kilmarsh floor plan

Thin folks with thick wallets can find out more at

Alternatively, why not buy a private island instead?

Guy Parsons

Guy Parsons

Guy is the editor-in-chief of Secret London. He likes running, cover versions and scotch.