Skins 10 Years Later: Where Are They Now?

It’s the 10 year anniversary of Skins (fuck we are fucking old). The TV show that told the perfect teenagers in The OC and One Tree Hill to ‘do one’ in favour of the hungover, messy bunch from Bristol who had nicknames like ‘nips’ because of oddly shaped mamillas. 10 years on and we wonder where these friends have ended up (Hypothetically. If they moved to london.)…


1. Tony

Tony shagged his way around Cardiff Uni (and Cardiff) before accepting a position as a Management Consultant at PwC. He is now shagging the CEO while giving him advice on how best to reduce costs in the company.



2. Michelle

A successful PR girl at Deloitte, Chelle has come to love her weird nipples and on the weekends she likes to express this through a late-night cabaret slot at Proud.



3. Sid

Sid has a basic job, earning an average salary. However, his girlfriend has insisted on living in a Houseboat which makes his life slightly less conventional.



4. Cassie

Cassie lives with Sid in their Houseboat (Yay!) She bakes Matcha doughnuts to sell on Camden Market and spends the rest of her time looking after her collection of house plants and Sid. Her life is pretty wow.


5. Jal

Jal is still the most talented clarinet player in the country and is soon to enjoy her fifth season at the Proms in July, though you wouldn’t tell from her facial expression.



6. Chris

Chris had a miraculous second coming in order to find Jalander, marry her, move to a nice house in Clapham and have a baby called Peter. Chris is a stay-at-home father to both Peter and his many fish.



7. Maxxie

Maxxie changed his name to Max and since then his career has taken off. He is currently rehearsing for a lead role in the West End cast of Hamilton. He still enjoys a big gay night out with Anwar in Soho whenever he gets the chance.



8. Anwar

Anwar busked his way around the London Underground until eventually retaking his A-levels and proving to his family he was more than two Es and a U. He currently works as a music teacher assistant and delights seven year olds with his renditions of Coolio.


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