This Skinny London House Is On Sale For £1m (And I Want It)

Ever thought that the Central line could do with being a few inches wider? Well, imagine living in a building that’s even narrower than the tube.

This south London home has recently come on the market and, at 7ft 7in wide, it’s skinnier than a tube carriage. The space where the house now stands used to be an access route leading to some stables, until somebody took a look at the empty walkway and thought, Actually, do you know what we could do with this space? Build a slender, little house and charge a fortune for it. 

This quirky property has previously featured on various TV shows, including George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces – and we have to hand it to it, it is architecturally amazing. Would you believe there are four whole DOUBLE bedrooms in this place?

Elsewhere in the house, and spread across three storeys, you’ll find two reception rooms, an open plan kitchen area, a dining room, a dressing room, and a beautifully landscaped, 48ft garden. Despite how it looks from the outside, there is a surprising amount of space. And, actually, it’s beautiful.

It’s on the market for £1,000,000, so its price certainly doesn’t reflect its size. But, one thing’s for sure, I’m already jealous of whoever has a spare £1m and gets to call it home.

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