Seriously! There’s An Ice Rink Floating On The Thames This Week

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Over 200 years ago the Thames froze over for the last time in recorded history, and a bevy of Londoners gathered on the river to drink gin and get merry. They also set up a bunch of pop-up bars and market stalls for the duration of the freeze (way ahead of the times, eh?). Thames Dinner Cruise are looking to recreate this occasion and pay homage to the famous ‘Frost Fairs’, and they’re set to do a pretty good job.

[Thames Dinner Cruise]
When boarding the Harmony, you’ll be greeted with a tasty gin cocktail served in an ice glass, and then you’ll have the unique opportunity to skate on the boat’s very own 20m ice rink. As you glide (or stumble — depending how much gin you’ve had) along the ice, you’ll pass the likes of Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, as well as floating under Tower Bridge. Between ice skating sessions, a bunch of canapés and festive dishes will be passed around, including roast turkey with all the trimmings. And it doesn’t stop there! There’ll also be mince pies and Christmas pudding, unlimited wine and beer all evening, and a fantastic live band. We don’t think you’ll want to miss this…

The event will take place on Thursday 15th December, and will embark from Embankment Pier at 18.45. Buy tickets and find out more

Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

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