Play Arcade Games, Get Rewarded With Shots At Hackney’s New Bar • Sinner

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor


You’ll definitely be a Sinner at this new boozy hangout.

You’re going to have to earn your drinks at Hackney’s newest bar. Sinner, opening on August 8th, is a bar full of arcade games, and you’re rewarded or punished depending on how well you play. Play well, get a higher-class shot, such as the Flaming Henry (no idea what’s in it though). Play poorly, and you’re ending up with a Tequila Slammer – and a savage hangover the next day…

Photo: @abqlondon

Drinking and light competition are going hand in hand at the moment, as the popularity of Flight Club, Swingers, and the London Shuffle Club prove. Still, Sinner is the first place we’ve seen where you’ll have to play the game to get your hands on the bevs. Initially, there will be four games on offer – Space Cactus, Desert Dash, Tortuga, and an unspecified fourth – but more will follow. An hour and a half in this boozy arcade sets you back £22, which gets you three games (and the resulting shots), as well as a cocktail.

Photo: @abqlondon

It’s not the only new addition to set in this Hackney hangout: the brains behind Sinner is Seb Lyall, who helped launch The Bunyadi (that restaurant where you dine completely starkers) and The Bletchley. The overall space will also house ABQ, London’s cocktail-cooking RV that may or may not be based on Breaking Bad, depending on copyright reasons. You’ll also find Saint, a vegan pizza place, inside this multistory, multi-hyphenate venue, which is being billed as “an immersive funhouse”. One Sinner, but so many ways to sin…

Find it at 18 Bohemia Place, Hackney, E8 1DU, when it opens on Wednesday August 8th. Nearest station is Hackney Central.

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