You Shouldn’t Have! 18 Terrible Presents You’ve Probably Received This Christmas

Whoever said ‘you can never have too many socks’ clearly didn’t know my Auntie June. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re very grateful people and we’re happy to receive any and all sorts of presents on Christmas day… but there always seems to be a few presents that don’t quite live up to expectations. These are the present equivalents to a shit in a sauna so to speak…


1. Socks

2. Many, many socks (thanks Auntie June)

3. Dark chocolate brussels sprouts

4. A hamper of fruit and jams

giphy (2)
5. An electric toothbrush

6. Any kind of homemade coupon book for ‘free hugs,’ or ‘good for one kiss,’ etc etc

7. A framed photo of the person giving the gift

8. A musical toilet roll holder

9. A comically shaped shower radio

giphy (3)
10. A slogan tee saying something awful like ‘SLAY’ or ‘RUN WITH UNICORNS’

11. Expensive bubble bath

12. Inexpensive bubble bath

13. Soap shaped like seashells or Christmas hats

14. An itchy jumper

giphy (5)
15. A passive aggressive self-help book

16. Clothing that is 4 sizes too big

17. Clothing that is 4 sizes too small

18. Lingerie from a relative


Feature Image: Crest of London. (Ps. you can buy these underground underpants for £9.99. We didn’t include them in this list because, frankly, they’re brilliant). 

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