Holy Shit! There’s A Poo Museum Plopping Into London

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Holy Shit! There’s A Poo Museum Plopping Into London

Teaming up with design magazine Dirty Furniture and donning the glamorous title ‘Toilet Break,’ The Shit Museum are exhibiting a wide range of designs at the 2016 London Design Festival. The project has already won a Milano Design Award when it exhibited in Milan earlier this year. (See our full guide to London’s museums.)

The Museum’s curator has titled the material of their products Merdacotta, made by mixing clay with – any guesses? Yep, shit. Cow shit to be precise.

cow gif
The Shit Museum is housed in a converted dairy farm in Northern Italy and was founded in 2015. It has to be said that it looks like a gorgeous building, despite it’s ‘shit covered’ walls and floors.

The project exhibiting at London’s Design Festival aims to demonstrate what a practical and sustainable material shit really is by recycling cow dung mixed with clay to create to create usable objects and furniture. The curator of the museum has said that she was truly horrified that shit is considered waste and strives to prove it’s usefulness. Surprisingly, the end result is really quite beautiful… well, if you can flush away the idea of faecal matter, especially when using the bowls and plates that is.

Dinner and poo for two? [dezeen]
The festival is running from the 17-25th September 2016 so be sure to check it out if it’s your cup of tea, or bucket of shit, or whatever.

Feature Image: [mspoweruser]

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