A London Café Now Offers A Selfie Cappuccino

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

selfie cappuccino selfieccino

You’ve heard of latte art – now try the selfie cappuccino.

This ludicrous (but irresistible) innovation in the Insta-friendly caffeine game has come to London.

By submitting a selfie to the café’s own app, your coffee will be, just a few minutes later, adorned with your face. Apparently, it’s not even created with chocolate powder, but instead a flavourless… brown… liquid? Delicious!

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You could, perhaps, submit another image – the face of a loved one or enemy, or perhaps just some amusing clip-art – to create the effect you desire. The comic possibilities are limitless.

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So, narcissists of London! Taste your own face at the Tea Terrace, in House of Fraser on Oxford Street. Nearest stations: Bond Street or Oxford Circus.

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It’s available from now until, well, people are bored of this, which we expect will be: never.

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