Secret Slurps: 3 Incredible Drinks Deals You Need to Know About

Tom Livingstone Tom Livingstone

Secret Slurps: 3 Incredible Drinks Deals You Need to Know About

Its officially #thirstythursday again, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to start drinking again. Don’t waste your money on £6 craft beers in half-built factory-chic pubs. Be savvy, and take our tips for the best value slurps across town. Today, it’s a cocktail special, with heady creations at Honky Tonk in Clapham, Rockwell in Trafalgar Square and Loves Company in Shoreditch.


1) Honky Tonk, Clapham


‘Murican-style food and drinks. We’ve uncovered an outrageous deal of £8.50 for 2 cocktails, available for a limited time with Fever. Our favourites would be the Chocolatini and the Long Cosmopolitan, but then at £4.25 a pop, you may as well try them all (and then try them again, just to be sure?)

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2) Rockwell, Trafalgar Square


Last week, we featured its sister bar, Vista, which sits on the roof of The Trafalgar Hotel. Tonight, get yourself down to the super-snazzy Rockwell Bar, where it’s 2 cocktails for £15 (usually upwards of £10 each). A metropolitan haven in the heart of London’s beating heart in Trafalgar Square, Rockwell impresses with signature creations like the ‘Kiss Me Hardy’, a knock-out mix of Amontillado Spanish Sherry, dark rum, lemon juice, spiced maple syrup and chocolate wine.

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3) Loves Company, Old Street

Recently featured in a separate article for its mind-blowing cocktails, Loves Company is an absolute winner. Offering a cocktail and a toastie for £10, it’s memorable for the innovative recipes whipped up by bowtied barmen (one of which is set alight live at your table, watch your eyebrows). The toasties are tasty too, the perfect snack for the ‘I haven’t eaten since 12, and even then I only had a small Pret salad and one of those mini yoghurt-granola pot things, you know the ones?’ after work drinkers.

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