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Secret London Subscribers

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If you’re anything like us, you know there’s always more to see and do in London, always another level of excitement and intrigue about our city that’s out there just waiting to be explored. We’re lucky enough to do this for a living, but honestly, we’d like to share even more of it with you – which is why we’ve launched a new Secret London Subscribers group on Facebook, an online community where we’ll be sharing even more of London life. It’ll be chock full of exclusive content, discounts, and things to do, and you can join up here!

Secret London Subscribers

Enjoy exclusive content and insider tips

Signing up costs as little as 99p per month, and nets you access to an exciting range of benefits. We’ll be unveiling plenty of exclusives once you’ve joined up, including bespoke articles and city guides that’ll be for your eyes only. Plus, we’re planning interviews with the movers and shakers of London, which means you can expect recipes and cooking tips from top chefs, ideas to spruce up your cocktails from our favourite bartenders, and Q&As with the people who make London the greatest city that ever was or is.

Plus, you’ll get a chance to know your Secret London editors a little better, as we’ll be offering behind-the-scenes glimpses at your favourite publication, as well as offering regular personal tips and recommendations about what to do in the big city. Ever wondered what our all-time favourite cocktail bar or immersive experience is? Short of cornering us on the street, this is how you can find out!

Join the Secret London subscribers tribe here!

Secret London subscribers

Oh, and being a Secret London subscriber isn’t just the best way for you to get to know us – it’s also the best way for us to get to know you! Have you just started a kick-ass street food business that you’re super excited about, or want to get your new art show in front of more people? Subscribing gives you the opportunity to talk back to us, and we’d love to know what you’re up to. Really, it’s the chance to join a community that’s here solely for the best purpose possible: endlessly geeking out about London.

Get discounts, deals, and prizes from our friends at Fever

Happily, our lovely pals over at Fever are going to be providing their own set of tantalising benefits just for Secret London subscribers, too. Sign up today, and you’ll be in for a range of competitions and prize giveaways, as well as netting yourself access to exclusive online events, including candlelight concerts, fascinating talks, and murder mysteries. Plus, you’ll get priority access for new event launches, giving you the leg up on the rest of London when it comes to getting your hands on exciting new experiences, such as last year’s fabulous Mad Hatter cocktail party.

Secret London Subscribers

To kick things off, we’ve got a nifty little Fever discount lined up exclusively for Secret London subscribers, as sort of a “welcome to the tribe” present. It’ll help you get a jump start on joining in with the best experiences in town – which, frankly, are going to be online ones for the moment – and hopefully have you itching for more. So come join us, and let’s dive even deeper into the mad, magical, wonderful city of London!

You can sign up to be a Secret London subscriber here.

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