Is There A Secret London Speakeasy Bar For Witches And Wizards?

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Is There A Secret London Speakeasy Bar For Witches And Wizards?

This week, muggles (or No-Majs) across the world will finally be able to watch the first instalment of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in cinemas. The much-anticipated prequel to Harry Potter is set in 1920s New York, during the Prohibition era, which saw the rise of the speakeasy bar. In the film, the wizarding and witching community in NYC have their very own speakeasy, magically located behind an old-school poster for ladies’ lipstick.

The bar in the film (as seen above) is called The Blind Pig. You can actually find it on Google maps in NYC on 124 Macdougal St (as pictured in the feature), for which the description reads “Underground speakeasy open to witches & wizards (if they know the secret knock). No-Maj? No Entry.”

Those amongst you who know the London bar scene all too well, will be aware that there is also a Blind Pig bar in Soho. Tucked away above Soho’s renowned Social Eating House, The Blind Pig lies behind the hog door knocker on Poland Street. But perhaps this ‘Prohibition style’ bar is simply a cover for a magical haunt. Perhaps, while the muggle sit around sipping their sensational cocktails, a group of boozing witches and wizards gather behind another magical hog-knocker. We certainly like to think so. Hey, maybe we know so.

58 Poland St, London W1F 7NR

You can find more of London’s secret bars here. You never know. They might be magical…

In other Harry Potter news, did you know that snow is coming to Hogwarts (the one in London) this week?

Featured image: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them / Google Maps

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