Sausage Walk London Is A Thing & These 10 Pictures Are Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart

Morgan Cormack Morgan Cormack


Sausage dogs (or dachshunds, as they are officially known) are fab. No two ways about it, they are the darn cutest little dogs ever and for all us lovers of them, there’s an entire walk dedicated to this happy breed.

Unfortunately, the walk is only for actual owners and their respective sausage dogs so we thought it was fair to live vicariously through pictures of them. Expect lots of frolicking, cute faces and enough stubby little legs to get you cooing and aw-ing at your screen.

1. Life goal: get two sausage dogs and buy them matching outfits.

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2. Or knit matching bodywarmers for them ?

3. Scrap that – just getting two sausage dogs will make our lives complete

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4. The sausage dog walk is in London so that obviously means appropriate photos in Londoncentric places

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5. Yes George the sausage dog, you really are king.

6. The walk is great because there’s booze and cute dogs galore at the end of it.

7. We want to be surrounded by 50+ sausage dogs too ?

8. G&T’s look a whole lot better with a cute little face next to them, right?

9. Just rolling around is enough to warm our hearts omg

10. And the most adorable pair of pups you’re bound to see today:

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If you’re an actual owner of a sausage dog (we envy you already) and happen to live in London, then join the London Lowriders group to stay updated with their walks.

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