Sadiq Khan Has A New Puppy And It Is Very Pure

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Sadiq Khan Puppy Luna

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan took to Twitter on Sunday to reveal the latest addition to his family… Luna the Puppy.


Saadiya and I are very excited to announce a new addition to the family…

…meet Luna Khan! – @sadiqkhan

Early signs suggest that Luna is a very good dog.

Although initial duties are likely to consist mostly of borks and bleps, don’t rule out a bright political future for Luna in years to come. In Cormorant, Minnesota, local dog Duke has been re-elected as mayor three times

Dog Mayor Duke Cormorant Minnesota

…while the township of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, recently elected pitbull Brynneth Pawltro as their mayor.

Guy Parsons

Guy Parsons

Guy is the editor-in-chief of Secret London. He likes running, cover versions and scotch.