Run For Your Bun! This London Café Will Give You Free Food, But There’s A Catch

Abbie Moujaes Abbie Moujaes

Run For Your Bun! This London Café Will Give You Free Food, But There’s A Catch

We’ve had a cat café, a dog café, a café full of board games, a café in a men’s toilet, cafés where you can ice biscuits, paint pottery, and even Ziferblat, where you pay by time rather than by consumption.

What else is there? I hear you cry. What else can they put in a café?!

Well, how about a couple of spin bikes, two or three treadmills and a rowing machine – and it’s not even in Shoreditch.

At this David Lloyd ‘Run for your Bun’ café, opening for only three days, you get to delete both a muffin and your muffin top as you pay for your food via exercise. No more mundane payments with your phone, watch, card or cash. Now, it’s blood, sweat and tears.

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How does it work? First, you choose your incentive – a slow-cooked pulled pork brioche bun and a latte for instance. Then, you do a 10 minute warm-up, before a 10 minute HIIT workout and finally a 10 minute cool-down before you eventually get to eat. Hope there’s some AC. With the workouts expertly created by personal trainers at the David Lloyd Clubs, they should burn around 150 calories, tone muscles and trigger an ‘afterburn effect’ due to their high intensity.

So, if you fancy this more lucrative luncheon then head to Slingsby Place in Covent Garden where London’s latest quirky café will be open for three lunchtimes, from 11-13 January.

Maybe don’t take your date.

Unfortunately, since publishing this post, the slots have sold out.

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