These Satirical Royal Wedding Souvenirs Raise Money For Windsor’s Homeless

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Richer Poorer

A homelessness charity has released its own line-up of Royal Wedding merch.

On the eve of the royal wedding, the controversy over the treatment of Windsor’s homeless continues, with some saying that they’re being ‘cleansed’ from the area for the benefit of the cameras, while the expense of festivities stands in stark contrast to the impact of public sector cuts.

In response, the ‘For Richer For Poorer’ range is offering a selection of ‘commemorative’ products – proceeds of which go to The Windsor Homeless Project.

Homeless Windsor Royal Wedding

The design features a unique crest that sheds light on the reality of living on the streets – and what it takes to get off them for good. The money raised will go towards creating ‘moving-in packs’ –  everything needed to create a welcoming home for someone getting off the streets.

Royal Wedding Souvenir

Items include postcards, fridge magnet, tea towels, posters and t-shirts, and they’re available to order online as part of We Built This City’s Royal Wedding collection, priced from £15.

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