‘Studio Apartment’ For Rent In London With Toilet In Weirdest Place

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham


Another day in London, another totally ridiculous renting fiasco. From a mattress outside a London garage to a 10ft wide house on the market for £800,000, we thought we’d seen it all! That was, until we stumbled across this North London property with a most unusually placed toilet. Advertised as a ‘newly refurbished single studio’, (despite the fact it actually being in a shared house…) the room contains everything a single person might need! It has its own bed, a fridge, washing machine and sink all lined up nicely alongside each other for ease and comfort…see here for yourself…

But the toilet…the toilet…where is it, you ask? Excellent question. Well, you see that cosy and accommodating (oversized, might we add) cupboard next to the kitchen utensils? THERE IT IS! Yep, the toilet is in a kitchen cupboard. Sound weird? Don’t worry, there’s also a full length mirror inside, right next to the loo. Because we all like to watch ourselves wee, yeh? Renters are advised that, although they have their own toilet, they’ll still have to share the shower with someone else. Where the f*ck that is, we have no idea. And frankly, we’re not sure we want to know. The first floor room is going for reasonable £126 a week, including bills. Well, it’s a good place for any dedicated Harry Potter fans out there wishing to re-live his cupboard experience? Although, we’re pretty sure even Potter got a normal potty…


Featured Image Credit: Standard

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