East London’s Rooftop Curling Rink Is Back To Sweep You Off Your Feet

If you’ve got the stones, head up to Roof East for a spot of curling this winter.

Every four years, when the Winter Olympics roll around, something predictable happens. Seemingly the whole country, for reasons unknown, loses their mind over curling and can’t get enough of the stuff. If you’re one of the people who suffers from this odd affliction, then we have some exciting news for you. Social Fun and Games Club are bringing curling back to Roof East, so it’s time for a curls night out!

Having taken Stratford by storm last winter, Sliders curling club is returning this winter, and it’s bigger and better. Now there are EVEN MORE LANES, and some seriously groovy neon decals too. You’ll be able to slide and glide your way to glory – or at least bragging rights over your buddies. A bitchin’ 80s playlist will get you up and dancing between points, or if that’s way too much exercise for you, head to the ski lodge for some aprés skiing.

Sliders will return on November 2nd, so there’s still time to brush up on the rules! There are definitely more broom puns we could make here, but we’re not sure you can handle them… Ok, we’re actually done now.

In addition to the main attraction, Social Fun and Games Club is setting up a rooftop rival to the Thames-side igloos, which promise a cosy way to enjoy the view. Jimmy’s Lodge and Crazy Pig will both be on hand to provide some proper winter warmer food – think rivers of melted cheese and you won’t be far off. And yes, there will be alcohol too; for a fun variation, order yourself a ski shot and watch your curling game go rapidly downhill…

Oh, and if that isn’t enough to get you up to Roof East, just remember that the Winter Olympics are back in a few months. You never know when the curling team might need a backup member!